Style Your Soles

Your company can truly make a local AND global difference as you decorate and provide shoes for children in need in your city and in remote areas of the world. All this while your employees bond with one another and have a great time!

At the start of this event teams are given a designated number of TOMS blank, white, canvas shoes. They then get themes (Sports, Movies, Music, etc.) and they will get to use the TOMS shoes as their canvas, as they create their own line of shoes using Acrylic and Spray Paints, Stencils, Fabric Crayons, Permanent Markers, etc.

In addition to decorating their shoes, each team will also come up with a name for their new shoe line, as well as a commercial, poster or a jingle to help sell their shoes! Teams will vote on the Best Designs, Best Shoe Line and the Best Presentation.

We will also have a Representative from TOMS and/or the local charity on hand to thank the group for the donation and explain that in addition to each pair of shoes being donated to a local children’s organization, TOMS will donate AN ADDITIONAL PAIR to children in Africa, Asia or South America.

The group will undoubtedly feel that they have made a difference just by participating and having a great time, ensuring that this event will be talked about within your company for many years to come!

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