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We have all imitated the Movie Preview Guy's voice… "In a world gone mad… there is one man determined to make things right…" Well, this is your team's chance to be the man… and the voice… as you write, shoot, and star in your very own Movie Preview!

At the start of the event, each team will draw the name of a famous movie out of a hat, and they will be tasked with writing, shooting and starring in a movie preview for the sequel to that movie. Movies might include "Austin Powers", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Ghostbusters", "Men in Black"...all blockbusters.

Each team then determines how to best use their teammates' individual strengths to produce the best Movie Preview possible as they volunteer to be the director, camera person, the production crew, and of course, the actors!

Teams will receive a professional camera, boom microphone, clapboard, costumes, props, cue cards, everything necessary to make their movie preview. Each team will also have a Producer (one of our facilitators) assigned to them to ensure that they know how to use the equipment properly. Once all the Movie Previews are shot (2 to 3 hours), our editors will work their magic, adding music and sound effects.

California Team Building As with all of our filming events, this team building program is more like two separate events, as the final edited previews will ultimately be viewed by your entire group either later that evening or sometime the following day. They will have a great time as they watch themselves on the silver screen, and vote to see which team made the Best Movie Preview!

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